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Body Lift in Beverly Hills

A Body Lift is a comprehensive surgery that can dramatically re-contours the body by reducing loose, sagging and excess skin and tightening underlying muscles. The surgery addresses cosmetic issues common in individuals who have had a substantial weight loss.

Ideal Candidate For Body Lift Sugery

You are a good candidate for body lift surgery if you:

  • have excess loose skin or fat typically caused by massive weight loss;
  • have sagging or loose outer thigh and buttock skin or extra sagging skin in the abdomen, arms, face and hips;
  • have significant soft tissue looseness in one or more body areas;
  • are committed to a healthy lifestyle and optimum weight post-surgery.

The History

In the last 50 years or more, doctors have made enormous progress treating obesity. Surgical techniques have improved, complication rates have diminished, and more people are considered eligible candidates. But weight loss surgery, which can help people lose as much as 50% of their body weight, has caused cosmetic issues. These include excess, loose and hanging skin in areas of the body, weak muscle tone, and unattractive disproportionate body contours.

Accordingly, as the number of people seeking weight loss surgery has increased exponentially, the number of people seeking cosmetic surgery to address these issues has also increased.

A body lift can possibly give a youthful appearance to your body. The procedure reduces loose skin and fat from not just the abdominal area as might be achieved in a tummy tuck or liposuction but also the hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, and face. The procedure tightens the skin and underlying tissue and repositions the remaining skin, so that the area addressed has a firmer contour. These results cannot be achieved through exercise.

New techniques have been introduced which have fewer complications and improved cosmetic results. But today’s techniques demand great surgical skill and precision, as they require extensive internal repositioning of deep tissues to achieve the best results.

Some patients cannot get all of their needs addressed in one surgery and require two or more surgeries to accomplish their goals. From initial consultation to recovery, Dr. Minniti and his staff provide excellent care and services and design a possibly safe and effective treatment plan just for you.

Preparing For Surgery

In a lengthy consultation, Dr. Minniti will discuss risks and benefits of surgery and carefully represent your treatment options. He specializes in “belt lipecomy” procedure. This type of body lift addresses the lower torso, successfully treating loose, sagging skin and underlying tissue in the buttocks, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and small of the back. Dr. Minniti can also treat problem areas in the face and arms to improve elasticity. After discussing treatment options with the plastic surgeon, you meet with his consultant. You will have ample time to ask questions.

Dr. Minniti provides detailed pre-surgical instructions that typically include:

  • Stop smoking well in advance of surgery;
  • Avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs before surgery as they can increase bleeding;
  • Get a complete physical examination from a primary care doctor or internist and a note clearing you for surgery;
  • Prepare to spend at least one night in an aftercare center following your surgery.

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July 22, 2022
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The Body Lift Surgery

Surgery is performed in a fully accredited outpatient surgery center in Dr. Minnit’s Beverly Hills office building (Los Angeles). The doctor works closely with a board-certified anesthesiologist who administers general anesthesia so you sleep during the procedure. After surgery, you’re taken to the recovery area and closely monitored, fitted with a compression binder around the surgical area and drains to help healing.

You will spend at least one evening in an aftercare facility that maximizes your comfort and safety. Dr. Minniti examines you the next day to check your progress.


The time it takes to recover varies greatly among individuals. You will need to restrict activities and relax for a few days. Drains can be examined in 3-4 days and the compression binder is possibly taken off after one week. You should avoid lifting, bending, and sitting for the first week. Depending on the extent of your surgery, you may be able to return to work in a few weeks and resume exercise in 4-6 weeks. Again, you cannot take aspirin, smoke, or be exposed to heavy smoke for some time.


The results of body lift surgery can be noticeable following surgery. But your body may continue to change and improve over the course of a year.

Why Dr. Minniti?

Dr. Minniti has qualifications that set him apart from other Los Angeles plastic surgeons. He is certified by several boards of plastic surgery and highly-rated for patient satisfaction. His 21 years of experience as a plastic surgeon and expertise in complicated revision surgeries, along with early training at a pre-eminent cancer hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering (NYC), have contributed to his great skill performing complex surgeries like belt lipectomy. He keeps current with the latest techniques but practices only those proven effective. He is also a caring doctor who will take extra time to tailor your treatment plan to your goals.

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