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Mommy Makeover In Los Angeles

If you’re considering a “Mommy Makeover” in Los Angeles, there’s no better doctor than Dr. Minniti whose skill and extensive experience have earned him a reputation as one of the finest plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Dr. Minniti can help you achieve optimal results.

Mommy makeovers are recommended for women who have had their final pregnancy and childbirth or face multiple issues from aging. They typically involve combining several different surgical procedures. The most common are breast rejuvenation and enhancement, tummy tuck to flatten your tummy, and liposuction on the abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs to reduce disproportionate fat deposits. Together these procedures can dramatically rejuvenate and enhance your body contour. Dr. Minniti can design the best treatment plan for you to achieve maximum results.

Ideal Candidates For Mommy Makeover

After pregnancy and childbirth, you need more help to get back in shape than simple exercise and diet can achieve. Your body balloons in weight and your skin stretches to cover the extra volume. Hormonal changes and breastfeeding can make your breasts expand and then shrink, leaving loose or sagging skin. You are a good candidate for a mommy make-over if:

  • Your breasts sag, have decreased or increased volume or drooping nipples;
  • Your tummy has loose skin, stretch marks, excess fat, or your abdomen protrudes but is firm;
  • After cesarean, you have a sunken scar with skin or fat hanging over the scar;
  • You have excess fat around the waist, hips, and/or thighs;
  • You are within 10 pounds of your desired weight goal before surgery.


In your initial consultation, the doctor will examine you, review your medical history, and determine the best techniques and procedures to achieve your desired goals. He may recommend a combination of the following:

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty can successfully address changes to the abdomen after childbirth including flabby or excess skin, excess fat, and weak stomach muscles that result in a protruding or loose abdomen. By reducing skin and underlying fat from the belly button to the pubis, tightening the muscular wall and repositioning the remaining skin, this procedure can possibly achieve abdominal wall contouring while flattening the tummy, tightening muscles and greatly enhancing body contour.


Also known as lipoplasty, this surgical procedure, almost always done under general anesthesia particularly with a mommy makeover, improves the contours of your waist, hips and thighs by reducing excess fat. This is done by making a small incision and using a small instrument to suction fat in underlying tissues. A saline solution containing medication to control pain and minimize bleeding is injected into fatty tissues to possibly minimize discomfort.

Breast Rejuvination

Breast rejuvenation restores a youthful or pre-pregnancy look to breasts that sag or have lost fullness or shape due to pregnancy or aging. The doctor may recommend one or more of these procedures:

  • Breast Lift: Also known as “mastopexy,” a breast lift corrects sagging or uneven breasts, drooping nipples, and stretched areolas. A breast lift, done under general anesthesia, requires removing skin and tissue and repositioning the remaining skin. The doctor will determine where to make the incisions depending on the size and shape of your breasts;
  • Breast Reduction: After pregnancy, some women’s breasts remain swollen and enlarged. While similar to a breast lift, a breast reduction reduces subcutaneous tissue along with skin to achieve a more youthful proportionate look;
  • Breast Augmentation: This is a surgical procedure that restores volume and improves the shape of the breast. Typically done alone or together with a breast lift, breast augmentation is achieved by inserting a silicone gel breast implant in a pocket under the chest muscle.

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Preparation For Surgery

The doctor provides detailed pre-surgical instructions during your consultation, typically recommending:

  • Exercise at least 30 minutes every day;
  • Eat a healthy diet- at least three meals every day;
  • Drink lots of water in the two weeks before surgery. This improves recovery time and healing;
  • Stop smoking at least four weeks prior to surgery. Smoking increases your risk of complications and scarring and slows healing;
  • Limit consumption of alcohol for two weeks prior to surgery. Stop drinking completely five days prior to surgery;
  • Discontinue anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin;
  • Prepare to stay in an aftercare facility for one or two nights;
  • If you have children under five, make arrangements to have someone take care of them for two weeks. During that time, you should avoid driving and housework;
  • Establish a recovery area in your home to rest; have prepared meals, plenty of fluids, pillows to elevate your head, shoulders and knees, and reading or other entertainment available.


Surgery is performed in a fully-accredited ambulatory surgical center conveniently located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles in Dr. Minniti’s office building. Depending on what procedures you elect, surgery can take up to six hours. The doctor works closely with an experienced anesthesiologist and a staff of specialized nurses who will prepare you for surgery and ensure your comfort and safety. You will be asleep during the procedure. After surgery, a bra and compression garment will be applied and you will be taken to recovery and closely monitored. You will be given medication for pain and discomfort and Ice packs to decrease bruising and swelling.


The doctor provides detailed instructions on post-operative care. He will examine you the day after surgery and a second time in one to two weeks.

In the days following surgery, you will be advised to lie with hips and knees bent when in bed.

In the first week after surgery, you may be able to gradually increase your activity level. Avoid lifting anything heavy. You can possibly resume driving in 5-7 days. While recovery times vary depending on the extent of your procedures, you may feel comfortable returning to work in two weeks and resuming normal exercise in four weeks.

Risks & Complications

While all surgery carries risks, you can avoid surgical complications by carefully following the doctor’s instructions.

General risks of surgery include bleeding, infection and reactions to anesthesia. Smoking and medical conditions like diabetes increase your risk of infections.

For more information on the procedures you have elected, review our website or consult with the doctor.

Why Dr. Minniti

With 16 years of experience, excellent judgment and time-honed skills, Dr. Minniti has been identified as one of the best doctors by many leading publications and by Dr. Phil. You can be confident you’ll get the best mommy makeover in Beverly Hills. His conveniently-located office offers complimentary parking.

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